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Dreaming of a baby is like peering into a mirror reflecting your innermost self—pure, defenseless, and untainted. A smiling baby points to an uncomplicated joy in your life, hinting you don't require much to find happiness. Stumbling upon a baby in your dream reveals unrecognized potential begging for your attention. Conversely, if you forget you have a baby, it could be a sign that you're hiding your vulnerabilities, or neglecting a facet of yourself due to life's twists and turns. This might be a nudge to rekindle an old passion or hobby. Holding a baby? It's like grasping a bygone era of your life where dependence and being needed were the norms.

Tags: newborn, understanding dreams, rekindling hobbies, Dream interpretation, inner innocence, Vulnerability, pure joy, Dream symbolism, life changes, emotional needs, Newborn in dreams, hidden potential
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