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Dreams involving babies hold profound symbolism. They often represent innocence, warmth, and new beginnings. Babies in dreams can symbolize your pure, vulnerable, and uncorrupted inner nature. A smiling baby can signify pure joy, while finding a baby may suggest discovering hidden potential. Forgetting a baby can indicate a desire to hide vulnerabilities. Holding a baby can reflect a longing for a time when you felt more needed. A crying baby may represent unmet needs, unfulfilled goals, or neglect. Starving babies reflect personal deficiencies. Dancing or walking babies signify potential and possibilities. Small babies may reflect feelings of helplessness, while dead babies symbolize the end of something. Dipping a baby in water suggests regression or a search for comfort. Rescuing a drowning baby reveals vulnerability and accepting help. Babies of different races symbolize embracing diversity. Evil or demon babies may signify apprehension about a new project, and a baby with a third eye can represent being caught while acting carelessly.


**Read Dream Encyclopedia section on Dreaming While Pregnant.

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