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Dreams of choking can be unsettling and often lead to awakenings due to their fearful nature. When you dream that you are choking on an object, it may symbolize the difficulty you have in accepting certain advice, remarks, or situations. This dream could also reflect a sense of being unable to fully express yourself in a particular context. Choking on food may signify self-guilt and unresolved emotions, while choking on smoke points to something you are avoiding confronting.

Dreaming that someone is choking you reveals your struggle with suppressing emotions. It suggests challenges in expressing feelings such as fear, anger, or love. The phrase 'being all choked up' may resonate with this dream. Alternatively, it could signify a sense of being restricted or prevented from freely expressing yourself.

Dreaming of choking someone may represent pent-up aggression. You might be trying to prevent something from being disclosed or expressed.

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