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Have you dreamt of someone you've drifted apart from or lost touch with? Such dreams can be poignant reminders of connections once cherished. At the heart of this, it may reflect a yearning to mend bridges, to heal past rifts, or simply to revisit memories. But there's more beneath the surface. Sometimes, this estrangement mirrors a part of yourself you've neglected or set aside, urging you to reconnect and embrace it. So, when an estranged face appears in your nocturnal visions, it's an invitation to reflect on lost connections, both with others and within yourself.


**Please refer to the type of person, i.e. boy, girl, ex, mother, etc., please see Dream Themes: Characters for specific people.

Tags: personal reconnection, Dream symbolism, dream of Person, rediscovering self, Person, dream insights, lost connections, mending bridges, Dream interpretation
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