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Dreams can often be mirrors, reflecting our innermost conflicts and emotions. Dreaming of being embroiled in a fight isn't merely about external clashes but speaks volumes about our inner turmoil. This combat suggests a duel within, where disparate facets of oneself are at odds, battling for recognition and voice. Such dreams can be a manifestation of unresolved sentiments, or perhaps of beliefs at loggerheads with each other. They might also be echos of waking life struggles, resonating in our subconscious. If this fight reaches mortal stakes, it signifies a rigid refusal to confront and evolve from prevailing attitudes. Let dream interpretation be the balm, guiding you towards self-awareness and harmony.

Tags: waking life struggles, inner turmoil reflections, Dream symbolism, confronting attitudes, fighting, self-awareness journey, battling self, Fighting dreams, Dream interpretation
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